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Vigyan Bhawan was the last residence of Sri Yogendra Vigyaniji Maharaj. He had received this as a plot of land with two rooms on it, in donation for religious purposes, from Seth Deep Chand of M/s. Jhandoomal and sons, Dehradun in 1937. He founded Vigyan Bhawan Ashram on this plot, situated on Pushkar Mandir Road, Rishikesh, and raised the buildings with the help and money received in donation from his disciples. He wanted this place to be an Ashram of Shaktipat Vidya.

After he merged in the divine in 1959, his surviving family turned it into their personal residence and eventually sold it. Many efforts by many of his disciples and devotees of Shaktipat tradition to keep this holy place as an Ashram remained unsuccessful.

Sadly, this holy place which should have been a great memorial of Sri Yogendra Vigyaniji Maharaj has now been turned into shops for commercial purposes.


After establishing Devas Ashram, Sri Swami Vishnu Tirth Ji used to come to Rishikesh frequently because of his old memories. Initially he used to stay at Vigyan Bhawan but after his Guru Sri Yogendra Vigyani Ji left his body it became increasingly difficult for him to stay there because Vigyan Bhawan had moved in the directions contrary to his spiritual principles and Sri Devendra Vigyani Ji who was the rightful successor of Vigyan Bhawan had already become disenchanted and disengaged in 1957 in a situation reminiscent of Pitamah Bhisma and his Guru Parshuram.

It was a problem for Sri Devendra Vigyani Ji to arrange a suitable accommodation for Swami Ji for his stays in Rishikesh although various places were tried over the years till 1963-64. One day Swami Ji said to Sri Devendra Vigyani in a very emotional manner, “Devendra Bhai, I am a Sanyasin and a Guru of Shaktipat.

It is not proper for me to stay at someone else’s place and accept Seva from strangers who are not my disciples. My conscience bothers me. We should have a place here for our path of Shaktipat Sadhan.” Sri Devendra Vigyani Ji immediately said, “Do not worry Maharaj, you will have a Ashram in Rishikesh and that too at a place of your choice near Ganga.”

At that time Sri Devendra Vigyani Ji was negotiating a land deal. When this deal was finalized, he informed Swami Ji who then came to Rishikesh.

Sri Devendra Vigyani Ji said to Swami Ji, “I have land in Muni-Ki-Reti. Please mark the area you wish to have with your stick and I shall donate it to you for Shaktipat Ashram.” This was done in 1965 through a Gift Deed which was registered in court a copy of which is attached. Thus, Yogashri Peeth Ashram in Muni-Ki-Reti, Rishikesh conceived and founded by the two Siddh Guru brothers of Shaktipat tradition, Sri Swami Vishnu Tirth Ji Maharaj and Sri Devendra Vigyani Ji Maharaj came into existence.

Devendra Vigyani Ji Maharaj whom Swami ji used to call “Devendra Bhai” donated the best piece of his personal land with most panoramic view, closeness to the main road and Ma Ganga. He not only donated the land but was also the Founder Manager who took care of this Ashram like his child devoting a big portion of his daily time in the day-to-day management of its construction, administrative road blocks, finances, publications and all other activities for dozens of years.

At much later stage some land was purchased by the later managers of the Ashram for expansion but the nucleus and choicest residence of Sri Swami Vishnu Tirth Ji Maharaj was constructed on the land donated by Sri Devendra Vigyani ji Maharaj. This Ashram was the favorite Ashram of Sri Swami Vishnu Tirthji Maharaj as he held off his Mahaprayan …….until he reached near Yogashri Peeth and saw Ma Ganga. This institution is greatly indebted to these two and must recognize them both as such.

Both founder Gurus had wished this Ashram to be the excellence in leading genuine Moksha seekers through Shaktipat Kundalini Yoga. Any and all other diversions other than this vision of its two founder Rishis is divergence from its fundamental goal and foundation. It is the moral duty of all concerned with Shaktipat tradition to appropriately recognize and respect both the founders of this great Peeth and follow their vision.


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