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Kundalini Articles                                                                    Guru Aarati (English | Hindi)


Initiation (Deeksha) has been prevalent since the very beginning in the various sects of all religions in one form/name or the other although its objectives have varied. There has been a specific Deeksha in ancient Vedic culture and religion known as “Shaktipaat-Deeksha” which was first preached by Lord Shiva and has been in existence for ever since. This is the awakening of the divine power Kundalini in an aspirant by a Guru (master) and is the source of all marvelous divine experiences, super natural achievements and ultimately the God realization or liberation (Moksha). In Sanskrit language, word “Deeksha” means: “Shattering the chain of evils (sins) and sowing the seed of divinity (Divine Knowledge)”. Guru is said the supreme authority for this initiation.

The marvelous and supernatural effects of the awakening of this Divine Power Kundalini (Siddha Yoga, Sahaja Yoga or Maha Yoga) have been highly spoken about since a long time. Fascinated by those effects, many persons become desirous of this occult, be it sincerely or out of curiosity. Taking advantage of this desire of numerous people, it is being misused & commercialized by some individuals and institutions diminishing its divinity and supernatural effects. In fact, this science of Shaktipat is a secret of all secrets and its use for worldly purposes is strictly prohibited in scriptures.

Although awakening of this divine power has its extraordinary effects on all aspects of life, but it is truly meant for the spiritual aspirants who are fed up and tired of all sensual pleasures and worldly amenities realizing their falsity, wish to go beyond them and now crave for lasting happiness through self- (God)-realization, liberation (Moksha) from the vicious chain of miseries, agonies, births and deaths.

Divine power Kundalini is seated in all living beings in inactive or sleeping state and can be awakened by oneself through intensely devotional prayers to God, control of breathing (Pranayam) or by recitation of some Siddha Mantra etc. with untiring efforts (Sadhana), great patience and unflinching faith till it is awakened and activated. This may take a very long time, many years or even births.

Kundalini can also be awakened by an expert and competent master (Gurudeva) instantly and easily, depending upon his own as well as aspirant’s capability and receptivity. The aspirant desiring such awakening must approach Sri Gurudeva (Master) personally with full faith and devotion and remain in his direct contact for a minimum period of three months and up to one year prior to initiation. This is necessary to become well acquainted with each other’s capability and nature. An aspirant approaching through some well-acquainted old disciple of the Guru with a strong recommendation may not be subject to this period of direct contact with the Guru. He must stay with the Guru for a period of one week to one month after initiation (as required by his Guru) to have quite clear, satisfactory and definitive experiences of Kundalini awakening and activation. In very dull, partially motivated, unenthusiastic, wavering and lethargic aspirant the signs of awakening and activation take a long time to appear clearly. This period may be a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 3 years.

For desired results or achievements, the disciple must abide by the instructions of his Guru strictly and obey him with full faith, belief and motivation. The disciple must please his Guru fully through his all around services i.e.–Tan (physical), Mana (mental) and Dhan (monetary)--according to the needs and requirements of his Guru. Without such services, the desired goal may not be achieved fully. The overwhelmingly pleasing services, touching and melting the heart of Guru, are essential factors in ensuring the achievement of desired goal sooner. The disciple who shuns and avoids services of Guru and ceases regular contact with him knowingly because of greed, willful neglect and carelessness etc. will not be able to reach his goal and may even have to suffer adverse consequences for this spiritual offense.

An atheist, malicious, extremely dull and fickle-minded, whimsical, thank- less, cunning, habitual offender, crippled, physically or mentally disabled by birth, suffering from some heinous and incurable disease, dreadful or scary in appearance and psychotic persons generally do not qualify for this divine initiation according to the scriptures. But Guru is the supreme authority.

If for sufficiently good reasons a deserving aspirant is genuinely unable to approach the Guru personally, he may request for initiation in writing, clearly providing the information and answers to the following quarries :


1--Full name, address and phone number, e-mail address and a photograph.

2--Goal of life, ambition or expectation if any. Aim of seeking initiation.

3--Unreserved history of the self in short but informative : such as health, Age,diet (vegetarian or not, use of fish, eggs, alcohol or drugs), habits, hobbies, daily routine, details of the family, living accommodation etc.

4--Social and spiritual activities and experiences such as practice of postures (Asana), breathing control (Pranayama), prayers or recitation (Japa), or Meditation, belief in god and rebirth etc.

5--For taking full advantage of this initiation: Do you have ? :---

(a) Separate room for practice and Sadhana only.

(b) Time : at least 2 to 3 hours daily, morning and evening, both times.

(c) Sufficient and pure, holy means of living.

If married, co-initiation with the spouse. (More beneficial and better for harmony). If not possible, consent and cooperation of the spouse.

If all of the above mentioned queries are not replied fully and properly, the request may not be considered and replied.


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