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Articles about Initiation                                                          Guru Aarati (English | Hindi)

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Dear Divinity seeker,

God-visualization, self-realization and achievement of salvation can be attained through several traditional paths and practices that are known from the times ancient. Followers of different paths describe their approach to be the most superior. But the awakening of Kundalini by Shaktipat-Initiation has its unique place among all these paths and approaches. The related ancient literature, scriptures and Tantraas have described this Divine Initiation to be the most unprecedented in bestowing definitive achievements, magnanimous super-human powers, self-realization and salvation, but should essentially be kept quite secret and rare and guarded against misuse and improprieties since this will not only become ineffective but may curse and punish also.

Although, this Shaktipaat-Dikshaa can bestow both worldly as well as spiritual achievements, it is mainly meant for Self-realization and Moksha (Salvation) only. As such, the use of this Divine Initiation for curiosity, fulfillment of materialistic needs and desires and gratification of various passions is strictly and clearly forbidden by our Shastras. Therefore, the Guru or the initiater of this Diksha must be one who has renounced the worldly and physical (bodily) attachments and has achieved GranthiVedh (Soul-realization) and who is seated in Shiva-Bhava (Divine State) through rigorous penance, practice etc. At the same time, this person must be capable of judging the suitability, capability and motivation of the prospective aspirant. Similarly, the desiring recipient of this Initiation should be a true aspirant, salvation-seeker and a willing practitioner of Aanavopaaya (various devotions to the Lord).

The present state of this divine tradition of Shaktipat Diksha is experiencing degradation, failure, trade/business use, exploitation for egoistic and popularity purposes which should be a grave concern for all who believe in and follow this tradition. Its use for egoism, status, creation of institutions, greed, name, fame and other worldly passions is causing a serious breach and flagrant violations of the principles , disciplinary rules , judiciousness and other due considerations. The criterion of suitability for Shaktipat Diksha is being ignored and a secret and magnanimous tradition like this is advertised through pamphlets, posters, newspapers, magazines and publicity agents to compete for larger gatherings and a bigger number of followers to bring this tradition down to the level of everyday trade and business. Divine power is being used for evil purposes. Anybody who is immersed in bodily egos and worldly desires can never be a real Guru of this Divine Initiation.

His holiness Swami Gangadhar Tirthji Maharaj is said to have stated the presence of no more than five contemporary Gurus in entire India. The Gurus of this tradition, Swami NarayanDev Tirthji and his descendents, are also quoted to have said that this Divine Diksha will practically disappear by becoming ineffectual, inefficient, inactive after the third generation if not protected from its numerous misuses which seem to have started while the number of individuals claiming themselves to be Sadguru is now in hundreds and ever increasing.

It is imperative that the believers, followers, affiliates devotees and above all Guru of this very special Divine Initiation stop its downfall and whole heartedly, make efforts to restore its glory like it was in the ancient times so that this unique Diksha does not disappear, nor become obsolete, but is preserved in accordance with guidelines and rules mandated in our scriptures (Shastras). Everybody must be restrained strictly against violation of its rules, regulations, abilities and prohibitions

It is only appropriate that we start with the Gurus. All claimant and seated Guru should take a serious look at the situation, indulge in self-examination, soul-searching and correctly evaluate themselves as to their qualifications to initiate Shaktipaat. Do they fulfill the essential requirement of "Granthi-Vedha" (self-realization), have they renounced worldly desires and body-ego and have they established their position in Divinity, are they proficient in bearing divine force and are they capable of withdrawing the power transmitted in an unsuitable and undeserving aspirant who has managed to get it as an obligation or by misrepresentation. In this self-evaluation, it is suggested that the commonly employed pretenses i.e. God's will, course and flow of time, welfare of the masses or sowing the seeds of divinity etc. are not resorted to and conscious , subconscious and unconscious self-deception is carefully avoided. If they are not well qualified as mentioned above, they must stop Shaktipaat-Initiations immediately and devote themselves to intense and thorough meditation with rigorous austerity and renunciation to first earn the abilities, which are absolutely essential to be a real Sadguru capable of effective initiations leading a true seeker to Moksha.
As far as the number and quantitative aspect is concerned, there are hundreds of Gurus and hundreds of thousands of disciples. But now is the time to concentrate and focus on the quality without the least consideration for the sheer number and quantity of Gurus and disciples without which there can neither be truly efficient Gurus nor would there be the experience of Divine Results and achievements as stated in the scriptures. How can the one whose own renunciation, self-knowledge, austerity and penance are doubtful and questionable, assure anyone else of these divine achievements and salvation?
In order to give a concrete proposal intended at the prevention of the downfall of this tradition and to elevate it back to proper glory as in time ancient, it is suggested that a Kendriya-Aaranya-Saadhan and Anusandhaan Sansthaan (Central Pure Meditation Research Institute) may be established where its true, ardent seekers and research fellows, who truly crave for Godly realization and Moksha, meditate intensely under the capable guidance to achieve their respective virtues, abilities and other qualities which must be present in a Sadguru. Prior to renunciation of worldly desires, passions, concrete body-feelings and being positioned in divinity (transition from Shaktabhav to Shambhavbhav), one remains on the verge of severe downfall. Therefore, responsibility and burden as serious as that of a Guru cannot be properly borne. Due to the lack of the required intense meditation and rigorous Saadhana, we rarely come across capable Gurus and the aspirants initiated by them do not experience the divine effects to any significant extent.

The above proposal does not call for a large number of aspirants. A handful of capable but truly determined, dedicated and ardent aspirants who firmly believe in this cause are enough. Even if four to six persons cannot be found and selected out of the hundreds and possibly thousands of Guru and their disciples, then it is a matter of very serious concern for all Guru. Place and means for this proposal are available and more will be arranged if necessary. Availability and selection of the suitable aspirants is the only consideration.

In this regard, a number of your connections (Guru and disciples) in this tradition may be available to you in this regard. I hope that you will take the time and efforts to forward yours and their suggestions and actively cooperate with me on this mission as soon as possible. This Divine Power is unquestionably equipped for reversing the momentum of its downfall, provided proper corrective measures; approaches and disciplines clearly instructed in our literature are utilized sincerely. To do nothing, disconcertedness, ignoring this problem, remaining passive and presenting lame excuses such as it being an inappropriate time and being detached from worldly matters etc. will delay us from taking corrective measures and will contribute to the further deterioration and downfall of this Divine Paath.

--Devendra Vigyani

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